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This June and July, we are offering $50 off desexing for small animals and...

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Lane Cove Clinic via FacebookAt 5:22pm, 31 May 2017
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Dr Paws and Honey the dog show you how to nail clip!

Dr Paws

Starting from a young age is the best way to nail clip.

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Dr Paws

How do I protect my furniture from my cat?

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Lane Cove Clinic via Instagram at 7:00pm, 10 Apr 2017

Cats can’t play cards… Stop freaking meowt!

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Lane Cove Clinic via FacebookAt 11:35am, 24 May 2017

Welcome to the Dr Paws Lane Cove website. Dr Chris Sun and his team provide expert professional veterinary services, along with additional services such as puppy classes and cat boarding. From flea and tick treatments to general check ups, your pet is in good hands!

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We want what's best for your pet which is why we provide a wide range of veterinary services.

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