New Dog Owners

Whether you have adopted a dog or are bringing home a new puppy, it’s important to ensure you are in the know with providing your new pooch the best care. We have developed some helpful tips to welcome your new dog into your home.

Must-have dog supplies:

  • A place they can call their own, with a comfy bed.
  • A spot for its food and water bowls.
  • An indoor play area for puppies.
  • An inside toileting area for puppies, with newspaper or puppy pads.
  • A heavy non-spill bowl for food and water.
  • Good-quality food, appropriate for age/breed.
  • Toys.
  • Collar and leash.
  • Grooming tools.
  • An appointment for vaccinations, worming, desexing and microchipping (as required).
Responsible dog ownership

Being a responsible dog owner is about understanding your pet’s needs and your responsibilities to the community.

Responsible dog ownership involves the following:

  • Vaccinating your dog.
  • Regular flea and worm treatments.
  • Regular baths and grooming.
  • Basic obedience training so your dog can “sit”, “stay”, “come” and “heel” on command.
  • Registering your dog with the local council.
  • Desexing your dog unless you are a registered breeder.
  • Ensuring your dog is properly exercised and involved in family activities.
  • Confining your dog in a location where it is comfortable and entertained so it does not stray.
  • Recognising if your dog has a medical or behavioural problem and taking steps to have the problem addressed.
  • Knowing your dog well enough to avoid situations which may put your dog or other animals or people in harm’s way.
  • Don’t forget the annual Council registration of your dog, if they are over 3 months of age. It is due on the 10 April each year in Melbourne.

Please make sure to update any changes in phone numbers or addresses with both your local council and your pet’s microchip registration agency.