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Coco is definitely regretting her snack of rat bait this morning 🤮

*the contents of her... belly have been scribbled out for our viewers benefit* 🤣

This was too cute not to share! Our hearts are melting over this adorable photo trainee nurse ...Bonnie shared with us of her 3 huskies 🥹🙊.

It’s so beautiful to see that all of her babies are the best of friends 🐶❤️👩‍🍼.


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We need your towels 😍! Thank you so much to everyone who donated blankets. Dr Paws is now ...running low on towels after sending them home with our fur patients 🐾.

If you have any old towels you are able to donate it would be very much appreciated 💕.

Here is a lame towel joke to say thank you: “Why did the cows have towels? To keep each udder dry.” 😁

#cutedog #drpaws

Nurse Olivia giving Daisy & Archie the Whippet’s some snuggles before their dental procedures... today 😁.


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Happy #InternationalCatDay 🐱💕. Here are some of our beautiful staff kitty kats to make you this Monday morning ☺️.

#cutecats #catday #catdayeveryday

This beautiful boy Peaches is looking for his furever home 🥰.

This affectionate, sweet... boy, was left behind by his previous owners when they moved houses. Luckily, he was rescued by one of Sunny Days Rescue & Rehab volunteers who noticed he was struggling to walk. His leg was broken into so many pieces, it needed to be urgently amputated.

Our amazing vet Sharina amputated his leg and one of our nurses took care of him at home while he recovered. He is now doing fabulously in foster care but is very excited to meet his future family 😍.

Please click the link below to read more about Peaches story and help us find him his very much deserved, loving, furever home 🥺.

#adoptdontshop #rescuecat

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As sweet as Peaches <3 - Foster Carer Needed in VIC, Sunny Days Rescue & Rehab

Hi there, I'm Peaches. I was left behind when my previous human sold our house and moved away without me. I was doing ok taking care of myself for a...

How’s the head tilt on Derek the Pug 🥹😍?

Derek was such a good boy, showing us ...all his tricks while waiting to see the Vet 🐶.

#puglove #puglovers

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Make your fur baby smile by getting their teeth cleaned this August 😁!

This month we will be going ahead with our dental month once again. This includes:
★$50 off cat & dog dental procedures
★Free nurse dental checks

Please give the clinic a call on (03) 5272 1880 to book your bestie in for their dental procedure or check 🥰.

#happydog #caninedental #felinedental

(03) 83769858 +61383769858

(03) 83769858