Puppy School

Training your puppy is exciting and challenging! We are here to help! Puppy pre-school is an effective and fun way to get your puppy not only trained but socialised amongst other puppies and their owners!

If you have just bought home a new puppy or are considering getting a puppy, our puppy pre-school program will help you get your new best friend the basic training needed. It’s a fun and active way to spend time with your pup.

What is puppy pre-school?

Puppy pre-school is a safe and fun environment for:

  • Teaching your dog basic obedience and commands.
  • Understanding dog behaviour and training
  • Learning about puppy health care
  • Preventing problem behaviour before it occurs
  • Socialising your puppy with other puppies
Who runs our puppy pre-school program?

Our puppy pre-school is run by our experienced nurses Lucille & Lauren, who both have loads of experience in animal behaviour and training.

At what age should I start puppy pre-school?

We accept puppies from 8-16 weeks of age.

When do you run your puppy pre-school program?

The course runs 1 evening per week for 5 weeks. Please call or email to enquire about the next starting date!

How much does puppy pre-school cost?

The 5 week course costs $150 ($135 with vacc4life membership), and is payable by credit card at the start of the first lesson.

More information

Please call us on (03) 5272 1880 if you’d like any more information or to book. Alternatively click here to fill out a query form and we will be in contact with you!

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