Petcare Articles

The Benefits of Desexing Your Pet – Dr Paws Kotara Vet

Desexing your pet is beneficial for their long-term health and happiness. 250,000 perfectly healthy animals are euthanised annually in Australia because there are not enough homes for them. This highlights one of the reasons it is important to have your [...]

Looking After A Senior Pet – Dr Paws Kotara Vet

Is your pet a golden oldie? If your furry friend is seven years or older, then they are classified as a ‘senior’ pet, or as we like to say a ‘golden oldie’! Just like us, as animals’ age their body [...]

Why Dogs’ Nails Need to be Trimmed

Long nails can cause pain for pooches if left untrimmed, which is why it is important to monitor your fur friend’s paws. Over time, long nails can curl downwards and cause damage to the pet’s skin. They can also put [...]