Puppy School

Bringing a new puppy home is exciting.  It can also be a little overwhelming, puppies are hard work.  At Dr Paws, we want to make sure you understand your puppy and are equipped with the most up to date and humane training methods to ensure your pup grows up to be an amazing canine citizen.  

What are the benefits of Puppy Pre-School?
  • Expert advice and guidance from our friendly trainer 
  • Socialisation with other animals and people 
  • Exposure to new experiences in a safe environment 
  • Learn basic puppy obedience and some cute doggy tricks
At what age should my pup start puppy pre-school?

We accept puppies from 6 to 14 weeks of age.

When do we run our puppy pre-school program?

Puppy Pre-School is run once a week (for 4 weeks).

Who runs our puppy pre-school program?

Our puppy classes are run by our qualified trainer Mel Kerr. Mel has studied at the Delta Institute and runs an extensive and highly regarded puppy preschool program.  She is extremely passionate when it comes to puppies and wants to share her knowledge with new and old puppy owners.  

Puppies attending puppy classes are at a critical stage in their development and need the very best environment to learn and grow in confidence.  Mel understands this and always makes sure each puppy is feeling safe and confident during the classes.  

How much does Puppy Pre-School cost?

The cost is $150 for the 4 week course. Classes run for 45mins – 1hr per class.

What requirements are there for puppies enrolling?

Your puppy must have had its first vaccination before starting Puppy Pre-School.

What makes our program different?

Our classes are small (3 – 4 puppies per class).  The smaller classes ensure that the puppies are less distracted and are able to settle well, learn new behaviours and interact with each other.  The smaller classes also let Mel give the time and attention to each human so they can get the most out of our classes.

What behaviours does the program cover?

We cover lots of behaviours and educational topics in our Puppy Preschool.  
Some of the behaviours we cover are: 

  • Response to Name
  • Eye Contact (focus on owner)
  • Lay Down
  • Stay
  • Leave It
  • Recall 
  • Touch
  • Follow
Some of the educational topics we cover are:
  • How dogs learn
  • Positive training methods
  • Reinforcements and getting it right
  • Managing our puppies world to prevent bad habits from forming
  • Managing and understanding normal puppy behaviours such as jumping, mouthing, nipping, biting, digging, barking
  • Enrichment
  • Socialisation and Exposure – the right way to do it
Are there are requirements?

All puppies must have their first vaccination to attend classes. You will need a collar or harness and a leash for your puppy.  Choker chains and retractable leashes are not allowed in class.  We will provide treats, chews and enrichment items for your puppy during classes.  If your puppy has any dietary requirements please feel free to bring your own treats.  

Does my puppy have behavioural problems?

Common problem behaviours include:

  • jumping on people
  • barking
  • toileting in inappropriate locations
  • digging
  • chewing objects
  • play biting

Call us to enrol your pup today. Alternatively, fill out an enquiry form here and our friendly team will be in contact with you.